Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Skaterhead Beanie with pompoms

My daughters got me into watching this Korean soap opera Boys over Flowers on Netflix. It is such a cute young love story, reminds me of the good old days, crushes and cuteness :D I enjoyed it watching with my girls sometimes with my husband too yep! that's true he did not finish it but he was curious with the ending. My younger daughter and me actually watch half of the season on Saturday.Our favorite character is JiHoo a very caring and gentle boy and Jan Di,the corky and cute girl. We were bummed that they did not end up together. OOPS spoiler !The cast wears a lot of beanies so I was inspired into knitting them, I especially loved the ones worn by Jan Di (main character) and GaEl (best friend). While we were watching I was knitting a skaterhead beanie which resembles several of the beanies I just needed to add an extra large pompom and adjusted the length.They turned out really cute. I will be making several of them for Christmas presents.By the way I am still knitting shawls for the KAL and I am almost done with the September shawl, the Bind off is killing me. I will try to get it done today.
Here are the pictures of the beanies.Enjoy!

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