Monday, August 27, 2012

Where did August go?

Wow! Month of August is almost over and I realized there were no knitting updates for this month. It has been a crazy month, we had relatives that came over first week of the month for my father in laws b-day celebration, hubby finished putting the floor up for my daughter's room and she also decided to paint it, then her car broke down and transmission need to be replaced, it is not in the budget , car is still working ok but she is scared to drive it so she decided to get a new car, we help with the down payment and the insurance but she will have to pay it herself, This is a big responsibility for her,and I am so proud of her <3
 On knitting updates I  joined a Ravelry group that meets every Friday morning  ,We already met twice, the first meeting was on 8-17 and it was really nice meeting other people with the same interest. I am looking forward to Friday mornings.
 Project updates: Finished my August Shawlette click here if you want to see it :)
I also finish another Skaterhead hat in Fall color, working on another one in Autumn Red ( i really like this one) , also finish 2 Cross Body Street Purse for my daughter, orange and black. I am trying to write the pattern for this as I just made them up as I go. So that is where August went here comes September that means Holidays is coming whether we like it or not. Better start making those Holiday presents Oh My!!
Here are some pictures of the Cross Body Street Purse. Enjoy your day!

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