Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Simple Knitted Skaterhead Beanie

A week ago I drove by the City park and saw several teenagers skateboarding, they are all wearing different kinds of cool beanie, I have also seen other Young adults  both male and female wearing those kinds of beanie, so I started to think of how I can make them. When I came home, search thru my stash of yarn and found a dark blue and heather gray simply soft yarn, this 2 will be a great start. After looking around ravelry for some pattern, most of them were just really basic knit and purl. I decided I'll make it up as I go. The first one I made a wider brim ,the idea was from the slouchy beret that I recently knitted, then I just knitted in the round endlessly ,while watching the Olympics.then started the crown decrease.Next time I will make another one with stripes and maybe with a design so it does not look too plain.The following day I started working on the Heather Gray yarn and to be a little different from the blue beanie, I knitted the brim in knit and  purl2 ribbing,  I like how it look so I just continue with the pattern instead of just plain stockinette stitch,I like this one better, it is not as plain as the Dark blue beanie and you can choose to fold the brim or not, it is also very stretchy.I have written the instructions in case you want to make one for yourself. This is just basic beanie/hat instructions,  ( I improvised this pattern. Any resemblance/similarity to a copyrighted item is purely coincidental. Yada,yada,yada, etc, legal jargon. :D) you can also find other pattern thru Ravelry.com. Have Fun!
Skaterhead Beanie #1


1 skein of yarn, Dark Country Blue ( I used Simply Soft Caron)             
Size 8 Circular knitting needles 16"           
Size 8 DPN                                                            
Stitch Markers                                                        
Darning Needle.

Finished Measurements:    19” circumference and 15” long
Gauge: 5sts = 1 inch                                                                         

Cast On 88 stitches
Place marker and knit in the round. (Be careful not to twist)

Knit the K2 P2 rib for about 4" (wide brim, you can make it shorter if you like)
Next Knit in stockinnete endlesly until about 8 or 9 inches. ( while watching a 2 hour movie :D
 Note: Place marker in every 8 stitches on the very last round before decreasing. Make sure you use a different color from the marker you use at the beginning of the round.
Crown Decrease:
Switch to DPN
R1 (k6,k2tog) x 11 (77sts)
R2 knit around
R3 knit around
R4 (k5,k2tog) x 11 (66sts)
R5  knit around
R6 knit around
R7 (k4,k2tog) x 11(55sts)
R8  knit around
R9  knit around
R10 (k3,k2tog) x 11(44sts)
R11  knit around
R12  knit around
R13 (k2,k2tog) x 11 (33sts)
R14  knit around
R15  knit around
R16 (k1,k2tog) x 11(22sts)
R17  knit around
R18  k2tog around (11sts)
R19  knit around

Finishing: Cut yarn leaving about 6" tail,Weave thru all the remaining stitches, pull tight. Weave in ends.
Wear proudly :)

Skaterhead  Beanie #2


1 skein of yarn ,Heather Gray ( I used Simply Soft Caron)            
Size 8 Circular knitting needles 16"           

Size 8 DPN                                                            
Stitch Markers                                                   
Darning Needle.
Finished Measurements:    15” circumference and 12” long 
Gauge: 5sts = 1 inch   (stockinette)     
Cast on 87 stitches ( if you are casting a different amount of stitches it must be divisible by 3)
Place marker and knit in the round. (Be careful not to twist)

Work K1,P2 Ribbing until 11"

Crown  Decrease:
Switch to DPN
R1 (k1,p2tog)  repeat ( ) until end of the round
R2  k1,p1 until end of round
R3  k2tog around
Repeat R3 until 8 sts remain

Finishing :
Bind off using 3 needle bind off.This method makes the top of the hat flatter.
If you do not know how to do the 3 needle bind off click here
Weave ends.
Cut yarn leaving about 6" tail,Weave thru all the remaining stitches, pull tight. Weave in ends.
 **** If you have any questions or corrections on the Instructions feel free to comment.
Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Product Giveaway!!!!

I reach more than 250 Likes on my Four Seasons Facebook page yesterday, thanks to my daughter and her tumblr followers. So to CELEBRATE , I am giving away a Slouchy Beret with matching Neck wrap/cowl. I will be drawing a winner from the list of people who click like on my page by July 27,2012. I will be using a Random Number generator to pick the winner. If you want to be added on the list just click here and Like the page. I will also give away a Lovely Autumn Red Lace Shawl once I have 500 likes!!!

Here the pictures of the items I will be giving away :D

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shawls Are Not Just for your Grandma.... anymore!

I have started knitting shawls since January when I joined the Ravelry KAL (Knit A Long) Group12Dozen shawls in 20dozen. I must say it is very addicting, we knit different shawl every month, most of them are on my previous blog post.
It was my impression before that Shawls are just for Grandma's and/or elderly people but NOT ANYMORE! Once I have seen the different construction, design ,variety of styles of the shawls available for knitting , for sale in store/online,Shawls have evolved into one of the hottest  fashion trend.Shawls are made from,Silk to wool, cotton or any synthetic fiber .It can be use on Weddings, Proms, Dinner Party, Cocktail party ,any dressy occasion or just throw a lacy shawl with a pair of shirt and jeans. You can use it as a scarf, a hood, as a belt tied on your waist, or even as a headband.The versatility is endless.Shawls can be worn any season. A lot of women wear Shawls for dressing up or down around the world. So next time you see a Shawl, check it out, you will be happy you did! You can also visit my website Four Seasons Knits for my knitted shawls.

Check out this collage that shows how shawls have been one of the hottest fashion trend. Most photos are from the Internet. Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

HOT off the needle!!!!

I did it , Yes I did. I finish July shawl KAL project in 4 days including blocking. I was very hesitant in starting this project since I was not in the knitting mood at all but I want to complete the Shawl KAL that I signed up, the group is not strict about it but I want to do it for ME!.
I was leaning on knitting the Beginner choice Ashton but when they posted August Beginner choice  Budding Shawlette, i decided to use the yarn for it. There was 2 skein of  Simply Soft Caron in Autumn in my stash so I decided to do the Summer Flies. Once I cast on Summer Flies shawl, it just went so fast. The instructions were so easy , the FO's on the project page look all complicated but it was not. Another Instant gratification project to get my Knitting mojo back.
Happy knitting and Enjoy your day!
Here are some pictures!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire ma fille!!! je t'aime

Today my daughter Lorylaine turns 19!!!
Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best in the world... I love you so much

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I need my knitting MOJO back!!!

For some reason, I have not knitted or pick up anything for the last 2 days, normally there would have 3 or more WIP's waiting for me. After I finished ( finally) the Garden pond shawl, which is still unblocked. I made a beanie hat for my husband just because I was at the DMV to past the time, another earflap hat and more headbands, this was all done last week to try to get me going. I have not even cast on for my July KAL. WHAT HAPPEN? I want to knit BUT????
Ok that's it for now! I'm gonna try and get some inspiration, maybe take some pictures of my FO's and block the Garden Pond for now! then pick up something....