Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Seasons! My shop....

I finally had the courage to open my own online shop for my knitting FO's (finished object)It has been sometime now that I have been thinking of opening a shop and also thinking of the Shop name,  there were some crazy, lame , funny, and interesting names we  came up with,  my 2 daughters are my consultant but then Four Seasons just came to me and I said that's it. I  have also search and look into different websites to open my shop like Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, Ebay  etc.. Etsy is the most popular however there are so many fees involve, Artfire does not really appeal much, Ebay is too big and then there is Zibbet ,not as popular as Etsy but they are on its way, Also they offer Basic Free Account for Sellers to start of ,  When they say Free, it is really free, no fees, no charges for listings, no commissions ( 50 items limit), then you can upgrade to Premium account if you want to. Signing up for Basic Account is perfect  to try it out and if the shop business is good then I can go ahead and upgrade, and since there are no added fees my item prices will be more reasonable. It took about 2 days for me to set up the account, it is easy but I am just too fussy about things I would like to put in the shop info, my daughter Lorylaine help me with the banner. Now  the most important thing is to list my items, just need to take more photos.

 I  am also waiting for some of the designers to give me permission to sell the projects that I have made from their pattern, I have research about whether it is okay to sell products made using other Designers pattern but there so many conflicting information ,as a courtesy I ask for permission. It will probably be a good idea to design my own to avoid any issues in the future, in the meantime most of the items are from basic and generic pattern so I should be okay.

The shop should be officially open by Monday, (cross fingers) Wish me Luck. I hope you can take a few moments of your time to check it out.

Happy Knitting and have a wonderful weekend.

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