Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday -- Harry Potter Scarf

I started working on a Harry Potter Gryfindor House Scarf for a friends niece.It will be a gift for her birthday next month. It's about 60" long right now and I still have 2 more red and 1 yellow stripe to make, each stripe is about 3" long. I still have to put fringes. I hope it is not too long for her.The scarf is knitted in the round, basically mindless knitting except when changing colors. This will be a warm scarf, its a good thing since she lives in Canada. My daughters of course want their own, a Gryfindor and Hufflepuff. It's getting warmer here in California so they can wait until winter for their scarves, unless I modify this to adapt the weather,we'll see.
Ok, i will have to cut this short as my laptop is not cooperating with me.
Happy Knitting and Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Shawl Haruni

Finished another Shawl for the April KAL, Haruni designed by Emily Ross. It was not an easy pattern, it took me longer to finish compared to the other previous months Shawl but I was very satisfied with the result. It came out bigger than I expected. I think it is so pretty, maybe next time I will make it in a colorful yarn. I steam block the finish shawl since it was an acrylic yarn, it took me almost an hour pinning the lace edge and  I did decided to do the crochet bind off. The finished project measures 28"L by 54"W and very flowy. I just don't know where to wear it. In the meantime it will be stored with my other shawls. Now onto May KAL, I don't really have anything I like between the May choices , Wingspan for Beginner and Tibetian for Advanced. The advanced choice is too way out of my league and the beginner choice does not appeal much. Well I have about a week or so to decide , if not I'll do a My Choice for next month. Good day to all and Happy knitting. Enjoy the pictures :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work in Progress (WIP)

I haven't blog anything about my knitting projects in about a month, I have been working on a Haruni Shawl which is the April Advance choice for my Ravelry KAL. I was brave enough to do the advanced choice this time. However I am also working on another easy shawl Meandering Vines, it is my tv knitting project, I got use to knitting something while watching TV, if not I feel like something is missing, if I'm not knitting while watching TV,it makes me feel so useless just sitting there (no offense to anyone,that's just me). Knitting Haruni needs a lot of concentration on my part so I knit that during my quiet time, early in the morning when everyone else is  sleeping or when I'm alone. It is almost done just 5 more rows then I will be binding off, there are 2 options to Bind off but I have not decided which one I will do, I'll make the decision when the time comes to bind off.Really glad there is so much support on the KAL group, they will be able to help me with that. In the meantime the Meandering Vines shawl is slowly getting there, The pattern looks complicated yet so easy to knit. This is something a beginning lace knitter will appreciate to knit. I have also been using my Knit picks Harmony needle and I would say I have made the right decision when I bought them. The needle points make it easy to knit lace and the long cables are very convenient. I don't think I will ever use straight needles again.As usual all the patterns and instructions are available at Ravelry. Come and join if you are not a member yet.
Happy Knitting and Enjoy your day!

This is the beginning of my Haruni Shawl

This is where I am now, almost done!

Meandering Vines Shawl, the pattern looks really nice.

Meandering Vines Shawl in progress