Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yarn Review, Red Heart Boutique


About two weeks ago I went to Michael's to get some supplies with my daughter and she saw this yarn. She wanted a scarf , pattern was included, I was hesitant to get it since it cost about $9.99, but I have a 40% coupon so I decided to get it for her. When I look at the pattern inside the label it has a Purl5, are you kidding me. I had problems with P3, i tried it anyway but I got frustrated so I decided on other lace pattern, it still looks wonky and I am getting tired of frogging so I just did a straight garter stitch (knit every row) knitted until I ran out of yarn then put some fringes. I am not too crazy about this yarn, probably would not buy it again unless the price goes down a lot, I feel like it was just long scrap of different textured yarn attached together. You can actually see all the knots at the beginning and ending of each different texture.Anyways my daughter loves it and that's all that matters :D

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