Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yarn Review, Red Heart Boutique


About two weeks ago I went to Michael's to get some supplies with my daughter and she saw this yarn. She wanted a scarf , pattern was included, I was hesitant to get it since it cost about $9.99, but I have a 40% coupon so I decided to get it for her. When I look at the pattern inside the label it has a Purl5, are you kidding me. I had problems with P3, i tried it anyway but I got frustrated so I decided on other lace pattern, it still looks wonky and I am getting tired of frogging so I just did a straight garter stitch (knit every row) knitted until I ran out of yarn then put some fringes. I am not too crazy about this yarn, probably would not buy it again unless the price goes down a lot, I feel like it was just long scrap of different textured yarn attached together. You can actually see all the knots at the beginning and ending of each different texture.Anyways my daughter loves it and that's all that matters :D

Have a nice day!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Shawl plus one

Finished my Holden Shawl on March 2 *clapping* . I must say this is a very nice pattern and something I will make again in the future. I made this one bigger since I wanted a shawl but when I decided to make another one I would like to make it in a smaller size. And since I had finish the March project early I decided to knit another shawl  well actually it was a shawlette.It was an easy knit pattern, i was just not too crazy about all the purling but it turned out cute. I use some left over yarn from a baby project . The pattern name is Little Shells, available on Ravelry as a free download . I  love Ravelry ,they have reach their 2million member Congratulations!!!!.
Here are my finished Shawls. Enjoy your day!

This is the Holden Shawl, the designer Mindy Wilkes was inspired by the waves of the Holden Beach in Northern Carolina.

 And this one is called Little Shells. They do look like little shells, don't you think?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Make your own Stitch Markers

So I have been  making stitch markers lately, how and why you might ask. Since I was knitting shawls for the KAL ( knit a long) I have seen other knitters projects with all this pretty stitch markers and they look  beautiful on the needles and projects, they call it Jewelry for your knitting/crocheting projects, and of course I like to have some. I started looking online specifically on etsy. I have found a lot of them pretty and  interesting but they cost $10 to $18 for 4-6 stitch markers. I thought maybe I could just make my own.I've seen most of them are made with beads, I remember that my daughters used to make stuffs with beads awhile back so I went looking for it, when I finally found them, it took about 4 hours for me to organized the beads by colors and sizes. I found a You Tube video that shows how to make the stitch markers. I will include it on this post. I went to local Walmart to buy the tools, I would have used my husbands but the pliers were too big.  Surprisingly they do not cost much ,the set was for $8.00 which includes a wire cutter, long nose and chain nose pliers( on a later trip I also saw one at Michael's for $10 and it has 5 different pliers), a bag of  flat head needle for $2. And there I go. The first few ones were wonky and the wires were  bent from too much twisting. The hardest part was trying to put the wire inside the bead to close it up. The more I make the easier it gets and it was really fun trying different combinations of the beads. And here some pictures. Enjoy!

And here is the You Tube Video Tutorial!