Friday, February 24, 2012

Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles

My order for the Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Needle set came in and I'm so excited, I have been wanting to have this set for awhile. The set came with 9 needles from size 4 to 11, 2 24" cable, 2 32" cable, end caps, cable keys and a zippered vinyl clear case.I paid $84.99 for the set,  it's a lot of money but It's worth it and I don't think I will be buying anymore needles anytime soon. I previously tried their Try it needle set with 3 different type of needles steel, plastic and wood. I have always like to knit with my bamboo needles made by Clover since the yarn just glide thru it. So when I tried the Options, I specially like the Harmony Wood, it holds/grip the yarn just the right way and the tip is pointy, which I really love since I am working on lace shawls. I also like the color of the needles and the fact that it is interchangeable so I can switch needles anytime as well as the cables. It is very easy and practical when making shawls. I would start with the shortest cable and switch to longer cable as my work progress, this way I can see my work well. I would definitely recommend the Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needles.(Note: I am not being paid by the company). But you can always get their Try it needles first just like what I did to get a feel of the product. Now I have to continue working on my endless WIP' :D
Happy Knitting everyone and have a great weekend!

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