Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Evening of Classical Music !

Last night I went with my daughter Lorylaine to watch a concert at her College, she need to write a report about it for her Music Class. We got there around 7o'clock just when the box office opened, my daughter asks for a student and a regular ticket however the person on the ticket counter gave us 2 tickets for student, my daughter told me that the guy probably think I was a student :) Then we have to wait until 7:30 for the door to open, my daughter and I waited and talk about stuff, once the door opened we got seated and she also recognized that one of the usher is from her high school, they were in the School band together. The Concert Hall is very impressive, I wish I had taken my camera to take some pictures. While we are seated and waiting , we observed people coming in and being seated. I noticed that the guy my daughter knew from school is wearing a shirt with dragon on the back and I called him Bruce Lee ( not to his face of course) and my daughter just started to burst into laughter and she was trying so hard to do it quietly since it is very embarrassing to just laugh out loud (lol), and I also started laughing , we are in tears and every time we look at each other we'll start laughing, i don't know why, we did this for about 5 minutes and we are able to calm ourselves down, I'm glad no one was sitting around us. When the concert finally started there were 4 men on the stage Pianist Robert Koenig, Laszlo Mezo Cellist and Violinist Ernest Salem, the other person was the music sheet page turner for the pianist.The group is called Ernest Salem and friends. They were really good , you could see the passion for music as they play their instruments. They played Mozart and Tchaikovsky, we both enjoyed it and renewed my love for classical music. The concert was an hour and 15 minutes, seems shorter than that. I use to always have my car radio tune in to the Classical station and my husband would make fun of it, he has a different taste in music.All in all last night was awesome I got to spend sometime with my daughter and she told me that we'll do this again on other upcoming concert, this will be our time together. I love you Lorylaine!. Now, I will be looking for my old classical CD's and download them to my computer so I can listen to them while I'm knitting. On knitting update I'm working on the March KAL which is the Holden Shawlette, moderators did another wonderful job with the Ravelry group. It is the March Beginner choice and I'm loving it, haven't frogged so far and working on row 19. I have a picture of my progress, I used a yarn from my stash Red Heart Luster Sheen, color is jade.
Have a nice and wonderful weekend! Happy knitting.

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