Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knitting Christmas presents...

So I finally decided that I will be gifting knitted items as presents for Christmas, this is a gutsy move for me as I have never given any of my knitted projects except of course to my own children and husband. I've knitted tons of scarves and hats. My daughters would have scarf and hats to match any of their outfit, the only problem is they can only wear them during winter here in California. I am making really simple shawls for my sister in laws and female friends , scarf and hats for boys and male adult.  So far I have finished 3 shawls and more to go.I have all the yarn I need for the project but  I feel that I need more yarn , as every knitter will say you can never have too much yarn :D. I will be taking pictures of my finished projects and share them here. In the meantime.. Happy Knitting and Be well.

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